Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Bits

Post Coachella music listening isn't the same... all the tunes I used to love now sound boring as shit after hearing them live.

Anyyyways, here's some random bits, mostly Coachella inspired.

LOVE Tokimonsta... Saw her twice at Coachella and I've got a ticket to see her as well as Daedelus and Shlohmo on Saturday. Should be fun.

Speaking of Shlohmo...

Why not some Daedelus as well?

I love this record so much... It was an honor getting to meet Kode9 himself at Coachella... Incredibly nice guy.

Lorn was another fantastic performance... One of many great Brainfeeder artists who was there.

NUTS! This one especially really got the ladies in the crowd moving... Surprised I still managed to snag a copy on Redeye. 

Beefy tune. Great remix of a great original.


  1. Nice selection. Plenty of tunes I haven't heard. Need to cop Black Sun too. Thank gosh it's payday tomorrow!

  2. There you go boy! Back on the whores!