Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let's start things off!

Today I managed to get on GetDarkerTV just in time to watch Joe Nice's set.

He pulled quite a few tunes from his legendary bag of dubs... Highlights were definitely DMZ vs. MZN and Monster, a previously unheard tune by Kromestar. I'm hoping the podcast goes up soon, because I know that I'll be listening to this one for months to come. GetDarker has also stated that they plan on giving Joe Nice his own 3-4 hour show the next time he's around. Definitely won't miss that. Crossing my fingers that he gives Stand Against War a play. Haunting tune by Mala.


  1. Greatest picture in all dubstepland.

  2. im not normally a requesting type person but saw joe on monday and had to ask for dmz vs mzn (didnt play at dmz apparently) and glad i did